Spring Cleaning? We’ve can help!

Feeling Inspired by Marie Kondo? We’ve got a solution for all your clothes!

According to Marie Kondo you are to start the process of spring cleaning quickly and in one go. Her Netflix series has really “sparked” something in people and we are getting rid of TONS of items. Here at the Courtney we are prepared to help you get rid of the items you no longer need or want. We have a community clothing drop near our compactor that all clothing is donated to local shelters and when it cannot be donated they will send it to a recycling plant that will reuse it for textiles.

  • The first step to starting the process of letting go is: Clothes

Marie advises that you take all your clothes from every room of the apartment and drop them into one pile. This is so you can visualize all the items you own. Next you are to touch each item and decide if you want to keep it or let go.

  • The next steps are: Books, Paper, and Komono (Misc. Items) and Sentimental items

This process helps you hone your skills and walks you through discarding in a easy to follow path. This will ultimately help you achieve your perfect level of tidiness.

If you are interested in starting your own tidy process or even just want to get rid of a few items check it out here.